Joumana Kidd

Joumana Kidd began her broadcasting career after graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Speech Communication.  Her reporting skills led her to co-host the radio talk show Talking Sports and cover events such as the Grammys and Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies. She has worked as a correspondent for Extra and NBA TV as well as a relationship specialist on CBS’s Early Show.

While juggling career and family, Joumana’s children always remain her first priority; they are what give her the courage to work hard, to test her limits of strength, and it is through these life experiences that she has gained the knowledge and wisdom to be such a multifaceted and dynamic mother and woman.


Joumana Kidd named HudsonMOD lifestyle editor

Joumana Kidd—actress, philanthropist, journalist and, above all else, proud mother— was just named Hudson Mod’s Lifestyle Editor, combining her outgoing personality and expertise in the fields of entertainment and life.